Thank you for joining the v1 Holoseat Alpha Test.  Here you will find links to all the resources you will need during the Alpha Test, including how to provide feedback and where to find us on social media.  As always, feel free to reach out to use over Discord if you have any questions or comments.

Before You Begin

If you have not set up your Holoseat, please see the following links to get your Holoseat ready for use.

  1. Apply Alpha Patch 1 (be sure to do this step first!)
  2. Follow First Time Setup Instructions

Other useful links:

Providing Feedback

So, your Holoseat is all set up and your are ready to play.  Great!  One of the goals of the Alpha Test is to get feedback on how well Holoseat is working for them, what style games work well with Holoseat, and to log any issues when they come up.  So, we need you to log each time you play a game with Holoseat and to report issues if they come up using the links below.  Note, you will need a pass phrase to post to these reports.  We will provide that pass phrase over the #testing channel on Discord.

While there is no minimum play time required each week, we would love to see testers log at least 2 tests per week.

Holoseat on Social Media

Our other major objectives for the Alpha Test involve social media.  We are looking to to extend our reach and to build up a series of testimonials.  To that end, we need you to join us in our social media activities.

What does this mean?  First, we are requiring all testers to engage with us on any social media platforms that we share in common.  So, if you are on Facebook, then you need to like and follow our Facebook page (if not, then don’t worry about Facebook).  Without further ado, here are the Holoseat social media links.

Second, now that you are following Holoseat, we need you to Like/Share all posts from Holoseat to help us spread the word about Holoseat.  Finally, we will be asking Alpha Testers to write guest blog posts on the Holoseat blog to provide more detailed and personal feedback to the wider Holoseat community.