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Our First Delivery!


Congratulations to our fellow Syndie Arabella.  She is the first to receive a v1 Alpha Holoseat!  She even brought her DeskCycle and helped us finalize the setup instructions.  Thanks, Arabella!!

PY18 Sprint 4 Stand Up 6

Stand Ups

TL;DR It may not look like it from the burn down chart, but we are officially in the home stretch.  The last remaining task of significant size is building the tone rings and we are on track to…

There and Back Again: An OSHW Project’s Tale – Part 2

Development News

This is the second in a series of posts recapping our 2017 Holoseat development and sharing our 2018 plan. In the first post we covered our 2017 goals and the reasons behind them. Today’s post is about how…

A Victim of Our Own Success

Development News

It turns out my last update was nine months ago. Oops! The reasons for this include the fact that the nearly complete V0.2 prototype worked so well that I completely forgot to keep working on the design (and…