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Syndcon 2018 Raffle Holoseat Winners


Once more August meant it was time for Holoseat’s annual pilgrimage to SyndCon.  This year we brought a little more than just our usual upgraded test hardware and presentations.  For the first time since 2014 we brought something for…

Holoseat + Skyrim VR = Awesome!


What happens when you combine VR and Holoseat? The answer is pure awesome! Thanks to our fellow Syndies for providing us the opportunity to try this out.  Check it out for yourself in the video below.

Our First Delivery!


Congratulations to our fellow Syndie Arabella.  She is the first to receive a v1 Alpha Holoseat!  She even brought her DeskCycle and helped us finalize the setup instructions.  Thanks, Arabella!!

Holoseat v1 Alphas Are Here!!!


Check it out!  The Alphas are complete and packaged up ready for delivery to our testers!  We are so excited for our testers to start exerfying their games.

Ten New Tone Rings for Our Alpha Testers!


I just wrapped up assembly of the tone rings for our eight Alpha testers and two SyndCon raffle prizes.  Feels good to be wrapping up production and getting ready for the launch of our Alpha testing!

PY18 Sprint 4 Stand Up 8

Stand Ups

TL;DR We are sooooo close.  As expected, we will still have a couple of tasks left to do post sprint, but we have now confirmed all manufacturing will be complete by SyndCon.  As will our prep for panels…

PY18 Sprint 4 Stand Up 7

Stand Ups

TL;DR One week to go in the sprint and it will all come down to how quickly our team of volunteers, contractors, plus Bryan, and I can wrap up manufacturing of the Alpha test units.  While we would…

PY18 Sprint 4 Stand Up 2

Stand Ups

TL;DR As we hoped, the burn down chart looks much better this week.  The trick will be to keep up this pace for the full sprint.  Check out our Pics feed for shots of the evolving v1 release…

Look – No more black tape on Holoseat!


We are making steady progress toward our goals for SyndCon 2018, including eliminating all black gaf tape from the demo units.  😉 Top is picture of SyndCon 2017 configuration and bottom is newly installed 2018 configuration.

PY18 Sprint 4 Stand Up 0

Stand Ups

TL;DR Initial commits for week 1 of Sprint 4.  Goals are to get our social media presence reestablished and get final orders of parts made. Backlog – See Syndcon Task List tab for current sprint plan and Backlog tab…