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Holoseat is Coming to the 2019 Comics & Gamers CON in Rock Springs, WY


We are barely a week into the new year and it is already time for our first convention!  Holoseat will be at the 2019 Comics & Gamers CON in Rock Springs, WY thanks to our Alpha Tester Bril. If…

Look – No more black tape on Holoseat!


We are making steady progress toward our goals for SyndCon 2018, including eliminating all black gaf tape from the demo units.  😉 Top is picture of SyndCon 2017 configuration and bottom is newly installed 2018 configuration.

Good News Everyone! – HOLOSEAT AT SYNDCON 2017


Like the picture says, good news!  Holoseat was back at SyndCon this year and we could not be happier with how the con went for us.  This year’s objectives were all about expanding our presence, introducing Holoseat v0.4,…

2017 Sprint 3 Kickoff – Prep for SyndCon 2017

Development News, Events

The Big Picture The year is flying by. Sprint 2 is done and suddenly it is time to get everything ready for SyndCon 2017. Our last sprint was a roller coaster ride, full of mission critical Product Backlog…

Demos, Panels, and Podcasts – Holoseat at SyndCon 2016


We are back from SyndCon 2016 and what a con it was!  All of our preparations and the wonderful support of our fellow guild mates paid off in spades.  We could not have asked for results, which just…

Holoseat is Heading Back to SyndCon


2016 marks my third year attending SyndCon, a private gaming convention for members of the oldest online gaming guild – The Syndicate. Bryan Christian, Holoseat co-developer and Model B co-founder, was the person who invited me to join…