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PY19 Sprint 2 Stand Up 4

Stand Ups

TL;DR We can officially confirm a couple of crucial tasks were undersized this sprint.  The most significant one is the port of our source from Open Design Engine to the development builds of the Sliderule CLI.  We are…

PY19 Sprint 2 Stand Up 3

Stand Ups

TL;DR Two things show up this week in our burn down chart.  One, its total size changed because we found an error in our sprint sizing.  Two, we are moving more slowly than we would like.  Some of…

PY19 Sprint 2 Stand Up 2

Stand Ups

TL;DR It has been a while since we posted, but we are back now (and back in sprint mode).  This sprint is primarily focused on moving from our Alpha design to our Beta design and some new marketing…