Holoseat v0.3 Open Source Hardware Certification

Holoseat v0.3 OSHW Certification

As we shared in our last post, one of the primary goals for the final sprint of 2016 was to submit the current version of Holoseat (v0.3) to the Open Source Hardware Association for certification as open source hardware.  I am very happy to announce that we have received word that v0.3 has been certified and given the project ID US000058 (check out the image above).

This is very exciting news and a great way to kick off the year.  But, certifying open source hardware is not a once and done activity.  Every revision must be certified to ensure all of the new development is properly documented and that the project still complies with the Open Source Hardware Definition.  Certifying v0.3 (a development version) is a demonstration of Model B’s commitment to making Holoseat open source hardware.  You can count on us to continue to develop Holoseat on Open Design Engine and to certify each new release.

Look for more news shortly about our development plans for 2017.  In the mean time, get out there and exerfy your games!