SyndCon 2016 Hotel

We are back from SyndCon 2016 and what a con it was!  All of our preparations and the wonderful support of our fellow guild mates paid off in spades.  We could not have asked for results, which just further reinforces the lesson from last year, “always bring Holoseat to SyndCon.”

Our activities started Friday afternoon when Bryan and Petie (friend of Bryan and weekend long Holoseat volunteer – thanks for all the help Petie, you can come to cons with use anytime!) arrived.  Bryan had two of the three pedal sets for our demos and I had all of the electronics, so the first thing we needed to do was get the last two demo units fully assembled.

Our public activities started with a panel Friday afternoon where we presented the lessons learned over the past two years (see my previous post) and our plans to take Holoseat to version 1.0 (that’s another blog post).  We also held a Questions * Answers session.  The Q&A portion turned into a lively discussion and amusingly touched on every question we had in our future development survey questions.  Clearly we were asking the right questions on the survey. Our next public activity was a presentation slot in the annual guild meeting, including a live demo of Holoset by the Starr Long in front of the entire convention.  Starr was quite impressed by the Holoseat as you can tell from the picture below.  Finally, I was interviewed for the MOLDS episode 2.  As you can tell, we all had a blast during the interview.

Starr Long's Holoseat Demo @ SyndCon 2016

Starr Long’s Holoseat Demo @ SyndCon 2016

On top of our scheduled public activities, we ran many, many demos.  The demos gave us a chance to get real world feedback about Holoseat (both live and through the surveys). We learned valuable lessons from the demos, some technical and some business.  The most important lesson was just how excited people are about the Holoseat.  Don’t take our word for it.  Check out people’s reactions in the video below.

Like I said, it was a great con.  Thank you to all of our fellow Syndies for all of their support.  We can’t wait for next year.  LLTS. Stay tuned for regular updates on Holoseat development and other Holoseat news.  And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so you won’t miss a thing.

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