Author - Bryan Christian

Planning a way forward – Setting Priorities

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Week two, still working out the plan for Holoseat v2. We have our epics defined, and a good idea of our priorities. Things are going slower than in the past, but between busy lives and a three hour…

Why Holoseat?

About Holoseat

My original reasons for becoming involved with Holoseat back in 2013 were pretty simple: I loved playing video games I didn’t get enough exercise Overall the concept sounded really cool. Over the years though, that has evolved. To…

Syndcon 2018 Raffle Holoseat Winners


Once more August meant it was time for Holoseat’s annual pilgrimage to SyndCon.  This year we brought a little more than just our usual upgraded test hardware and presentations.  For the first time since 2014 we brought something for…

12 Holoseat Controllers


Just finished assembly of these twelve Holoseat controllers, and I’m working on flashing the firmware onto these guys…  Are our Alpha testers ready?

Getting Jig-gy with it…


I know, it’s a dad joke that isn’t great with a dated reference.  As a new father, I’m choosing to make it anyway.  That said, this is my assembly jig I’ve put together for making sure the pins…

Assembled Alpha Controller


Alpha controller assembled on my workbench.  Not the clearest pictures, but my workbench in the garage doesn’t exactly have stellar lighting.  I’ll add some better pictures once I get a chance.

Alpha Status Update

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Here we are going into November after hoping to be shipping our Alpha product by December…  So will we make it?  If you have been following the development posts on (click the News link at the top)…

From Fritzing to Circuit Maker – Changing EDA Software

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Holoseat continues to march forward, but we have started having issues with our electronic design (EDA) software, Fritzing.  Fritzing is a great product, however as we increase complexity and add new components sourcing accurate libraries is becoming a…

An Overview of Sprint 6 and What Happened to Sprint 5

Development News

So we dropped off the face of the Earth for a bit didn’t we?  Holoseat development isn’t completely frozen, but life has seriously gotten in the way since mid September.  Sprint 4 got us to SyndCon, but Sprint…

Windows System Tray App

Development News

Just wanted to go ahead and post that if all goes well I should have a preliminary version of the Windows System Tray application up in SVN this weekend. It allows you to specify the key to be…