So we dropped off the face of the Earth for a bit didn’t we?  Holoseat development isn’t completely frozen, but life has seriously gotten in the way since mid September.  Sprint 4 got us to SyndCon, but Sprint 5 crashed and burned.  We’re putting it behind us and moving forward.

So now we’re on to the next sprint.  This one has a slightly different focus than others we’ve tried before. We are are preparing the project for submission to the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) for their newly announced open source hardware certification.  In fact, if you review their announcement, you’ll see Holoseat is on the list of companies that have said we will submit before the end of this year.


What does this mean for long term goals?  For starters, it means we’re committing to keeping this project as Open Source Hardware, something we both feel very strongly is important.  It also means we’re making a commitment to not let our documentation get quite so far behind as we have this past year.  This is particularly important for those that have offered to help us with development, testing, and other aspects of the product.  

Want to get involved?  Head on over to the project site and leave us a message on the forums.  Want to keep up with all things Holoseat?  Subscribe to our mailing list.  Stay tuned for more news at the end of this sprint.